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Channeling the spirit of the Festival of Britain

Southbank has an incredible history as the place that bonded London together after the devastation of war. Its dedication to feeding minds and nurturing positive experiences still brings people together today.

A Celebration of modern design for a generation to come

The modern character of the South Bank was defined by the 1951 Festival of Britain. Following years of wartime austerity, the festival was conceived in a spirit of generosity and national self-confidence –
an attitude reflected in the bold concrete architecture of the Southbank Centre. Its neighbour, on the site of what is now Southbank Place, was the Dome of Discovery – a spectacular flying saucer of a building that enjoyed only a brief life on the South Bank, but became the inspiration for the Millennium Dome decades later.

Not all the physical architecture of the Festival of Britain may have survived, but its spirit is alive and well on today's South Bank –
a permanent cultural celebration that is open for all to enjoy.